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Sentence & Roman Melnikov

By 05/02/2017 Black, Russia, US


Sound: Sentence (Surachai + Drumcell) – Azimuth
Tattoo: Roman Melnikov, russian tattooist, works in Moscow.

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MatHame & Ilya Brezinski

By 04/02/2017 Black, Italy, Russia


Sound: MatHame – Alkahest
Tattoo: Ilya Brezinski, russian tattooist, works in Saint Petersburg.

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Anetha & Thieves of Tower

By 19/05/2016 Black, france, US


Sound: Anetha – Tomorrow’s DNA (preview)
Tattoo: Thieves of Tower, previously featured here.

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Monoloc & Jessica Aaron

By 14/05/2016 Black, germany, Italy


Sound: Monoloc – Things
Tattoo: Jessica Aaron, italian tattooist, works at La Boheme Tattoo Parlour in Milano (Italy).

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Vegim & Matteo Nangeroni

By 09/04/2016 colors, Italy, Kosovo


Sound: Vegim – Morning Crystals
Tattoo: Matteo Nangeroni, italian tattooist, works at Saint Anthony in Padoua (Italy)

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