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The Automatic Message & Frej Lind

By 28/02/2016 Canada, colors, Sweden


Sound: The Automatic Message – Perihelion
Tattoo: Frej Lind, sweden tattooist works at Royal Arch Tattoo in Västerås (Sweden).

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Acronym & Coralinosaure

By 21/01/2016 Black, france, Sweden


Sound: Acronym – 16 Cygni

Tattoo: Coralinosaure, french tattooist, works at Le Cri du Kassis in Clermont-Ferrand (France).

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Matt Karmil & Guy le Tatooer

By 16/10/2015 Black, England, france, Sweden


Sound: Matt Karmil – Moment
Tattoo: Guy le Tatooer, french tattooist, works at Maudit Caillou Family in Toulouse (France) and at Into You Tattoo in London (England).

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