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Nathan Fake & Savannah Colleen

By 06/02/2017 Black, England, US


Sound: Nathan Fake – DEGREELESSNESS feat. Prurient
Tattoo: Savannah Colleen, american tattooist, travelling around the world.

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nthng & Julia Shpadyreva

By 18/06/2016 Black, Holland, Russia


Sound: sthneg – Untitled (Human Pt II) [LT029.5]
Tattoo: Julia Shpadyreva, russian tattooist, works in Moscow (previously featured here)

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Koett & Spastos

By 12/03/2016 Black, Russia


Sound: Koett – Slow Run
Tattoo: Spastos, russian tattooist, works in Rostov-on-Don (Russia).

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Daniel Bortz & Seb inkme

By 23/10/2015 Belgium, colors, germany


Sound: Daniel Bortz – Steady Note
Tattoo: Seb inkme, belgium tattooist, works in his own tattoo studio in Perpignan (France). Arm tattoos by Xoil.

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Secluded & The Meinohg

By 30/09/2015 colors, England, germany


Sound: Secluded – Embrace
Tattoo: The Meinohg, Berlin based multidisciplinary artist (often on the road).

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