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Paul Kalkbrenner & SOLA

By 11/02/2017 Black, france, germany


Sound: Paul Kalkbrenner – Altes Keamuffel (Special Berlin Calling Edit)
Tattoo: SOLA, french tattooist, works in South of France between Marseille, Toulon, Saint Raphaël.

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Anetha & Thieves of Tower

By 19/05/2016 Black, france, US


Sound: Anetha – Tomorrow’s DNA (preview)
Tattoo: Thieves of Tower, previously featured here.

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Acronym & Coralinosaure

By 21/01/2016 Black, france, Sweden


Sound: Acronym – 16 Cygni

Tattoo: Coralinosaure, french tattooist, works at Le Cri du Kassis in Clermont-Ferrand (France).

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Redspecs & Thais Valente

By 19/12/2015 Black, Brasil, france


Sound: Redspecs aka Roman Poncet – Atanol
Tattoo: Thais Valente, brazilian tattooist, works at Arteviva. Atelier in Rio (Brazil).

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Mononoid & K-un Bsa

By 17/11/2015 colors, france, Holland


Sound: Mononoid – Beta Waves
Tattoo: K-un Bsa, french tattooist, works with NicoRBD, Silly Jane and Raph WZL at BSA Tattoo in Aix-en-Provence (France).

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