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CW/A & Sarah Herzdame

By 08/10/2015 colors, germany, Italy


Sound: CW/A – Conducting The Method
Tattoo: Sarah Herzdame, german tattooist, works at Erntezeit in Berlin and at Gristle Tattoo in New York, she is also on the road.

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Night Talk & Flo Nuttall

By 24/07/2015 Black, Italy, Switzerland


Sound: Night Talk – Gamma
Tattoo: Flo Nuttall, italian tattooist, works at Swan Song Tattoo in Roma (Italy).

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Dema & Matt Matik

By 24/06/2015 Black, Italy, US


Sound: Dema – Rebellion
Tattoo: Matt Matik, american tattooist, works with Ben Volt at Scholar Tattoo in San Francisco (US)

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Agents of Time & Tyago Compiani

By 10/06/2015 Brasil, colors, Italy


Sound: Agents of Time – Lotus Flower
Tattoo: Tyago Compiani, brazilian tattooist, works at El Cuervo Ink in Curitiba (Brazil).


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Ilario Alicante & Lisa Orth

By 21/05/2015 Black, Italy, US


Sound: Ilario Alicante – Libau
Tattoo: Lisa Orth, american tattooist, works at Incognito Tattoo in Los Angeles (US).

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