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Nathan Fake & Savannah Colleen

By 06/02/2017 Black, England, US


Sound: Nathan Fake – DEGREELESSNESS feat. Prurient
Tattoo: Savannah Colleen, american tattooist, travelling around the world.

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Stimming & Rachainsworth

By 08/05/2016 Black, England, germany


Sound: Stimming – Symphorine
Tattoo: Rachael aka Rachainsworth, english tattooist, lives and works in Berlin, resident at Sticks and Stones.

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Charlotte de Witte & Liam Sparkes

By 12/12/2015 Belgium, Black, England


Sound: Charlotte de Witte – Relatives Of None
Tattoo: Liam Sparkes, english tattooist, works in his own studio Old Habits Tattoo in London (England).

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Throwing Snow & Jean Le Roux

By 08/12/2015 colors, England


Sound: Vessels – Elliptic (Throwing Snow Remix)
Tattoo: Jean Le Roux, works at Black Garden Tattoo in London (England).

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Julia Govor & Laurent Maïna

By 07/11/2015 Black, countries, England, france, US


Sound: Julia GovorTime Warp US Promo Mix (Time Warp New York, she will be playing on Saturday 21st).
Tattoo: Laurent Maïna aka darkbabamaina, french tattooist, works with Delphine Noiztoy at the Lacemakers Sweatshop in London (England).

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